Photo by Dale Truscott

Resilient Minds has supported thousands of fire fighters to safeguard their mental health, with the number growing each day across Canada. Fire fighters who have completed the training have reported a remarkable 95% decrease in stress levels, and have experienced a transformation and shift in culture with regards to a more open dialogue about mental health and psychological illness.

“More fire staff are having conversations around the kitchen table.”

“Our Chief listens to what our membership is saying in regards to mental health.”

Did you know?

  • 78% of fire fighters have received no resiliency training.
  • More fire fighters have lost their lives to suicide than in the line of duty.
  • Symptoms of psychological disorders are 4X’s higher than in the general public.

Impact on our Fire Fighters

Participants who have completed the program reported:

  • 100% gained applicable and new knowledge on psychological trauma and psychological disorder.
  • 100% learned to better manage stress and increase personal resilience.
  • 97% felt better equipped to respond and support a colleague showing signs of a psychological distress or illness.
  • 96% were more prepared to respond to a member of the public who may be struggling with a psychological health issues.
  • 70% used the skills they learned in Resilient Minds in their work and personal life after the course.

The evaluation of the Resilient Minds program has been managed by independent research teams.