Frequently Asked Questions

Photo by Dale Truscott

How do I schedule a Resilient Minds training?

Contact [email protected] and you'll be connected to your provincial coordinator.

How much does it cost?

To learn about fees associated with Resilient Minds in your province, please contact us at [email protected].

How do I select the right members to be Peer Instructors?

To support your selection process, review the qualifications for Peer Instructors and Guidelines for candidate selection.

What makes Resilient Minds different from other mental health program for first responders?

Resilient Minds is designed for fire fighters by fire fighters, and delivered in a peer-to-peer fashion. The program course content uses the most up-to-date research and is guided by evidence-based, trauma-informed practices.

We have completed other mental health courses. Should we bother with this training?

Resilient Minds will teach the science of stress, in relationship to the occupational challenges of your job and in your personal life. You will also learn tried and true strategies and tools to protect your mental health.

Beyond fire fighters, can other first responders take the training?

The Resilient Minds curriculum is focused on the unique needs of fire fighters. However, work is underway to adapt the program for additional disciplines of first responders. Coming in 2022.

I completed the Resilient Minds training last year. Is there a refresher?

Yes, please send your request to your Resilient Minds Peer Instructor, or contact us at [email protected].